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We have a friendly and highly competent conveyancing support team that manages any type of immovable property transfer. We deal with transfers, including but not limited to:

• Conventional property sales;
• Transfers from a deceased estate;
• Transfers due to divorce orders;
• Transfers to and from companies, Trusts or Close Corporations and Natural persons;
• Consolidations and Developments.

For more Info on ANY property related matter please contact us directly.

Thinking of getting married but unsure about the legal consequences?

We are able to guide you concerning South Africa’s current marital regimes (including customary marriages) and can assist in drawing up an Ante-nuptial contract suited to the needs of you and your partner. For this benefit, we advise that you contact us directly before you and your intended tie-the-knot.

Last Will and Testaments/ Estate Planning

We devote a great part of our lives financially supporting ourselves and our loved ones. We acquire assets, set-up bank accounts and investments hoping to leave our families secure once we are no longer there. This is estate planning.

With careful and strategic planning, we are able to ensure that our loved ones are taken care of when we are not able to. For this, we use a simple but effective tool. It’s called a Will. Leila Gouveia is able to patiently guide you through the process to ensure that your assets and estate are dealt with as per your desires and last wishes.

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Winding up of Deceased Estates

The passing of a loved one is never an easy ordeal. Our firm also understands the emotional impact the winding up of a deceased’s estate may have. We always show our clients compassion whilst ensuring all legal aspects of the winding up process is taken care of, such as:

• Reporting the estate to the Master of the High Court;
• Obtaining the Letter of Executorship;
• Distributing the estate.

We do our utmost to provide regular updates and communicate directly with all involved in the winding up or case management process.

Contact us directly for more information or to set up an appointment.

Establishment of Trusts

A Trust is a useful legal entity, with benefits for you and your family. It can be established inter vivos (whilst alive and through agreement) or through a Will, otherwise known as a testamentary trust. Contact our office directly to find out more about the various benefits or to set up an appointment should you wish to establish one.

Notarial Practices which include:-

• notarizing of documents (these are usually required when looking to go abroad)
• assisting in obtaining apostils from the court for notarized documents
• notarial bonds registered as security over movable property
• notarial deeds of cession for exclusive use areas in sectional schemes
• establishment of usufructs and habitatios over immovable property
• Drafting of general and specific powers of attorney

Debt collecting

Debt collecting can be an administrative nightmare for the ordinary individual. Trust us to firstly advise you on your prospects of success and furthermore, find a suitable resolution. Though it usually comes at a cost, our dedicated team will guide you to recover your debt in the most cost effective way.

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Family Law

Our firm has assisted and brought to conclusion a vast number of family law matters and these include:

• Divorce matters, in both the High Court and Regional Court;
• Matters relating to either the access or care of minor children;
• Domestic violence disputes;
• Matters relating to maintenance and support of minor children;
• Mediation of familial disputes;

We understand that these matters are sensitive (especially involving minor children or in the instances of their abuse and so to, the abuse of women) and require great empathy without compromising professionalism or service quality. We are confident that we can assist you today.

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Commercial law

Whether as an individual (sole proprietor) or registered private company, effective trade relations are important for survival and growth.
Our highly competent litigation is able to manage any business related risk by providing the following expertise and service:

• Drawing up of commercial lease agreements;
• Vetting commercial lease agreements;
• Due diligence and transaction risk assessment;
• Drawing of shareholder’s agreement;
• Offering advice on a company’s Memorandum of Incorporation;
• Incorporating or starting a company;
• Dispute resolution – including mediation, arbitration. Our litigation team is also equipped with an Attorney with right of appearance in the High Court, for litigious commercial disputes;
• Commercial (business) evictions;
• Drafting of contracts to regulate the relationship between companies or natural persons;

Give us the chance to protect your business interest. Contact us directly for more information.

General Litigation

We are able to protect your interest by advising you on various legal topics. Let us take residential lease agreements as an example. Did you know that it is now required by law that lease agreements be in writing? We are able to draw up a commercially sound lease agreement if you are a landlord and advise on risk and obligation if you are a tenant.

Our litigation team endeavors to keep their legal opinions honest and professional, assessing each matter or issue on its merits. We can assist with the following:

• Institute residential evictions (taking into consideration the ‘PIE Act’) on behalf of a Landlord;
• Defend eviction proceedings on behalf of a tenant;
• Assist in urgent spoliation applications;
• Draw up residential lease agreements;
• Defend or institute proceedings relating to contractual disputes;

We also caution that it is not always about instituting proceedings. Defending an action or application against you is equally paramount.
If ever you are served with any document (by the Sheriff of the Court), contact us immediately for assistance or to set up an appointment.

Labour Law

Our labour legislation acts as a catalyst for economic advancement, harmony in the workplace and social justice. Legislation such as:

• Labour Relations Act; And
• The Basic Conditions of Employment Act;

Play a significant part in regulating the relationship between (and rights of) the employer and employee.

Our firm has expertise in assisting both employer and employee. We guide employers on the different procedural steps with regard to retrenchments, taking disciplinary action and drawing up a code of conduct or policy which is industry specific.

We have also assisted employees who have either been subjected to unfair treatment or labour practice, or who have been dismissed unfairly.

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